Cloud Storage - Cloud Backup


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your files are safe with cloud storage services from Accumulus. Our dedicated backup storage services are reliable, simple, and fast.

Cloud Storage

Ensure your data's security and viability with our cloud storage service. Cloud storage provides resilient, scalable, replicated, and redundant data storage of objects via API commands. Object storage provides resiliency to failures with no data loss due to automatic replication and recovery process inherent in our architecture.

Use Cases Include:


• File Sharing 
• Email Storage
• Storing Images & Movies

• Archiving Logs 
• Static Websites

• Document Backup 
• Desktop & Server Backups 

Your cloud computing web servers services are easily Accessible Through our S3 REST compliant API, which enables seamless interoperability of applications developed for web based storage clouds. 

All Cloud Servers Include:


• Dedicated IP Allocation
• No Long-Term Contracts

• Ability to Customize the Kernel
• Full Root or Remote Desktop Access

• Inherited Increased Redundancy
through RAID 10 Architecture